Hello Arizona

Hello again glorious hills of the Western Frontier. Oh, how I have missed you. Although "Arizona Heat" has been done for a month or two, it never hurts to get some last minute inspiration before sharing Josie and Reagan's story with the world.

Like some sign from above, we found a rainbow in the middle of a perfectly clear sky at the Sedona visitors center. (It's like Mother Nature wanted to tell me something) ;)

I could never forget the first time I laid eyes on the Southwestern landscapes that inspired the dream which turned into "Arizona Heat," but as time passed, the vivid images in my mind have faded. Visiting Arizona again has really put the story into an entirely new perspective. I couldn't help but imagine Josie and Reagan as real people, walking around and existing as Sedona natives. Maybe it's my imagination but everything in the story seems to be falling in place and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Cover art should be coming soon and an official release date. Until then, much love from Arizona. It's hot here. :)

© 2020 Ellie J LaBelle

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