Second Chances

by Ellie J. LaBelle

Weird summer job? Check. First long break back from college? Check. Summer full of possibilities? Not likely. Emma Foster was never going to be voted most popular and with her overbearing parents, it isn’t likely she’ll find the kind of magic that measures up to the stories on her bookshelf. 


This particular summer was quickly becoming like all the ones before it: perfectly uninspired.  


Enter James St. James, that guy in high school who was so cool, he didn’t even get made fun of for having two first names. His brooding quiet and mysterious aura, not to mention inhumanly good looks, put him at the top of every girls to do list. Emma would be lying to herself if she said that she was immune to his charm… or that she hadn’t spent the better part of high school staring at him when he wasn’t looking.


Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her either.


After a most unusual reunion involving an auction of questionable morality, James can’t help but feel a cosmic pull toward the elusive Emma Foster. There has to be a reason that she would show up in his life after all this time, and he is determined to find out.

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About The Author

Ellie J. LaBelle is an independent author who was born and raised in Western New York before becoming an Austinite. She is a marketing guru by trade and began writing fiction in 2015 with a life-long passion for the romance genre that grew into an afterhours writing practice.

© 2020 Ellie J LaBelle

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