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Second Chances

Weird summer job? Check. First long break back from college? Check. Summer full of possibilities? Not likely. Emma Foster was never going to be voted most popular and with her overbearing parents, it isn’t likely she’ll find the kind of magic that measures up to the stories on her bookshelf. 


This particular summer was quickly becoming like all the ones before it: perfectly uninspired.  


Enter James St. James, that guy in high school who was so cool, he didn’t even get made fun of for having two first names. His brooding quiet and mysterious aura, not to mention inhumanly good looks, put him at the top of every girls to do list. Emma would be lying to herself if she said that she was immune to his charm… or that she hadn’t spent the better part of high school staring at him when he wasn’t looking.


Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her either.


After a most unusual reunion involving an auction of questionable morality, James can’t help but feel a cosmic pull toward the elusive Emma Foster. There has to be a reason that she would show up in his life after all this time, and he is determined to find out.

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Dare to Resist

Mia Taylor was a career-driven professional, with all the trappings of a crappy job. Jerk boss. Nosy collogues. Office gossip. The day-to-day at Keaton Industries was painfully predictable. The last thing she needed was for corporate to come sniffing around, threatening budget cuts and eliminating redundancies. Especially if she was deemed redundant. 


Mia was armed and prepared for war when Logan Hayes showed up. His stern jaw and piercing green eyes may have sent the office into a panic, but Mia was determined to get what she wanted. Her only agenda: get more resources for her team. She could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it came wrapped up in a perfectly tailored three-piece suit.


Logan Hayes was the solution to all of her problems.


Logan had been absent the past several years, regrettably so given the state he found the company in when he arrived at the Philadelphia office. He needed to come around more. He was an executive, after all. There was a laundry list of problems to solve, meetings to attend, and one very specific employee he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of.


Mia Taylor was quickly becoming his biggest problem.


He knew that he would do anything for her. One touch was all it took. One touch and he was ready to put the employee handbook through a shredder. 


Logan held the key to everything Mia desired and, as tempting as it was to let that include him, she needed to maintain that her desires remain strictly professional. 


Mia was everything that Logan didn’t know he was missing and, as much she might resist the magnetic connection between them, he wasn’t going to make it easy.



Book #1

Arizona Heat

Josie Reynolds, a Columbia med student, has been living the same mundane routine since she got engaged to Simon two years ago. With summer vacation around the corner, the opportunity for adventure is endless… if only Simon would get off the couch. In a moment of spontaneity, Josie heads back west to her hometown in Arizona where she gets a little more excitement than she bargained for.


Josie already knows she is unhappy in her engagement but when she reconnects with Reagan Lewis, the high school garage band kid turned Grammy winning rockstar, everything gets a hell of a lot more complicated.


Despite her best efforts, his constant brooding and sex appeal becomes too intriguing to ignore and as fate would have it, they both need to get to New York City and neither of them are in a hurry to get there. Josie is the master of suppressing her emotions but her desire for Reagan is something she has never felt before. It’s only a matter of time before she cracks.


Will Josie ignore her guilt in order to follow her heart or will she sacrifice her happiness for responsibility?

Francesca Pierce has been doing just fine on her own. She has a premiere spot at Cloutier Ballet Company, a bottomless trust fund, and a loyal best friend with a Rockstar boyfriend that brings the kind of tabloid attention she’s always been looking for. She had everything she ever wanted—until her best friend got engaged. 


It’s not that Francesca wants to get married, not in this millennium, but when an unwanted nagging becomes too much to ignore, she takes extreme measures in search of her own happiness and gets a whole lot more than she bargained for. Francesca has always been an impulsive person. That’s never been a problem. In any other situation, Francesca would brush off conflict like it never happened. Except this time, her problem comes in the form of Trevor Dumas—a country boy with the kind of face that even her Manhattan sensibilities can’t ignore. He’s not like anything she’s ever encountered and he’s the kind of problem that isn’t going away.


The last thing Francesca wants is to feel this electric attraction but it’s positively instinctual. Trevor might be another note in a long line of impulsive choices but even Francesca can’t deny that he brings out a side of her she never knew she had. There are a million different reasons Trevor is wrong for her, but there are million ways he feels so right. Will she be able to resist?

Book #2

The Heat of The Moment

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