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Unbreakable: A Novella

In this life we experience a series of events, each one defining us, some more than the rest, and we find ourselves controlled by the ghosts of our past.


This was a truth that Reyna O’Connor could not overcome. Her life was defined by a single moment. One very specific event that changed her forever and burned a hole into her memory that can never be erased.


Ten years later, after walking in on a cheating husband, Reyna cannot be sure how she will be able to keep her emotions in check. She might be ready to burst at the seams but knows that above it all, she can’t fly off the handle like she did. Whoever that person was, she lost them a decade ago, along with her friends, family, and most importantly–Wyatt.


She thinks it will be as easy as signing the divorce papers but in the midst of juggling her almost ex-husband and judgmental coworkers, a phantom of her past appears at what could either be the worst time or the best.


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