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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Life. Am I right?

A lot has happened in the five years since we started this journey and in the beginning, it can take a bit to find your footing. So let me start by saying that I never stopped writing. I can’t seem to help myself and sharing these stories with the world, selfishly, gives me a great deal of pleasure.

Two novels entered the world last year and I wasn’t in the right state of mind to do much beyond hitting “publish”. I resolved to establishing a resolution in January (yes, I realize that it‘s April–sue me) and as an extension of that, I will be dedicating more of my time to my writing career. Here is what I‘ve promised to myself and my readers, old and new, for 2021:

  1. Two new books

  2. Updates on current projects and announced release dates

  3. One promotion (at least–this one is going to take a little extra ironing out–after all, I am a one-woman show)

In the meantime, there are already some new stories of mine that I’m so excited to share!

Second Chances

Emma and James' Story

The Heat of the Moment

Heat Series Book #2

Francesca and Trevor's Story

Arizona Heat

Heat Series Book #1

Josie and Reagan's Story




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